The the number one campaign of the 21st century as voted by AdAge was Dove’s “Campaign for Real Beauty”. The campaign delved into society’s notions of  female body image standards and the results made a huge impact on the conversations in advertising and consumer behaviours.

This particular campaign was the only campaign that was cited and voted by every one of the judges on the Advertising Age judges panel and was described as groundbreaking, brave, bold, insightful, transparent and authentic. It also aired at a time when digital media allowed and thrived off consumers interacting and sharing media content and by doing this allowed it to go viral on a global scale.

Dove’s “Campaign for Real Beaty” took the approach of appealing to the ‘every day woman’, by asking them to look at the attributes they possessed that already made them beautiful, focusing on creating a positive outlook on female body image. This campaign became so effective that brands such as Nike began to change their marketing and advertising approach my mimicking Dove and using women with more “everyday” looks in their ads with their headline proclaiming: “Nike does Dove.”

“This ad is the most viewed online ad ever with over 165,000,000 views” –  (Siddiqi, 2016)

The ad won 19 awards at Cannes Lions festival and the video ad was the most viewed and shared online video ad in 2013.



Siddiqi, A. (2016). [Accessed 28 Apr. 2016].


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