Bangalore traffic police in India released a very graphic advertisement “Don’t talk while he/she drives”, emphasising the risks of talking on the phone whilst driving and in particular highlighting the fact that it causes many deaths on the roads.

The objective behind this gruesome ad campaign is to raise awareness of the dangers of talking on the phone whilst driving, but it also brings focus to the fact that it takes two to tango. The driver is not the only person responsible for car accidents caused by distracted driving; it involves the person on the other end on the phone. Therefore the ad is directed both at the driver and anyone who may knowingly be on the other end of the line of someone behind the wheel.

This ad is powerful. It holds high shock value, enough to send shivers down your spine, and may trigger other emotions such as guilt, fear and discomfort. This is horrific image is sure to be a memorable one and will therefore hopefully change the behaviours of drivers on the road and reduce distracted driving.


The role of marketing in not-for-profit organisations has grown substantially in the last few decades as the organisations have begun realising the value of marketing in developing a strong understanding of customers and other stakeholders

“The work of non-profit organisations is essential to maintain much needed services typically not provided by the for-profit sector or the government.” – (Research Online, 2009)

A paper written by West and Sargeant (2004) examines the inclination of risk-taking by non-for-profit organisations in advertising. The pair stated that “Much of their advertising over the has been risky and controversial” (West & Sargeant, 2004, pp. 1) when talking about NFPs (not-for-profit sectors). A variety of explanations are offered based upon the nature of the NFP organisation and its potential weaknesses (West & Sargeant, 2004), for example, budget.

” … It might also involve such issues as changing strategy, emphasising new causes or issues, reallocating a press budget to another medium and so on.” – (West & Sargeant, 2004)

As discussed in one of my previous blogs, sometimes lack of budget means you have to pack extra punch in order to effectively deliver your message.



Research Online, (2009). Marketing in Non-profit Organizations : An International Perspective. [online] Research Online, p.22. Available at: [Accessed 29 Apr. 2016].

West, D. and Sargeant, A. (2004). Taking Risks with Advertising: The Case of the Not-For-Profit Sector. Journal of Marketing Management, 20(9-10), pp.1027-1045.


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