In this post I’ll be reviewing good vs. bad advertising. To do so, I have chosen an ad for each to use as examples.

The first ad the ‘Good’, is a creative ad created by Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Jakarta, Indonesia.


This creative approach effectively and interactively communicates its message on a large scale… yes pun intended, with a massive ‘floor sticker’. The ad, for Jakarta’s pet emporium JAKPETZ, promotes Frontline Flea & Tick Spray  with the slogan ‘Get them off your dog.’ When viewed from the upper levels, the floor graphic provides a visual illusion that the people walking on the first floor look much like fleas crawling over the larger than life size dog.

This particular approach is very much appropriate for its target audience, as it requires a large space, the ability to view it from a birds eye view and most importantly the (effortless) participation of lots of people, and where better to achieve this than a shopping centre.

Although the ad is simple, its creates an impressive appeal to an otherwise difficult product to advertise, and at the same time send across an important message for pet owners to remember to look after their furry friends from unwanted harmful pests.

The second ad, the ‘Bad’ is an ad released by Australia Tourism, titled “Vist Us Today!” Seen below.

There is so much wrong with this ad (in my opinion). For tourists who don’t know much about Australia, I don’t believe this ad accurately depicts Australia or is a good representation of it people …except the stereotypes of course.

For starters when was the last time you rode a camel?

As this ads target audience is foreigners, you can easily see how certain messages here could be misinterpreted. Although the intention was to reflect Australia’s character, could possibly have been successful in its approach when viewed by an Australian, its no wonder foreigners think we have pet kangaroos and swim with the sharks. Not to mention many cultures might find the cursing and the casual display of alcohol offensive.


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