Using the example of the ‘Bad’ ad from my previous post (see post: Stage 4, for video), in this post I will be proposing a way to flip this ad from the ‘Bad’ to the ‘Good’.

The ad is essentially designed for tourists to be enticed to come to Australia, and in saying that, most of the visuals and snapshot of Australian locations were great and should remain. However, I would have furthered this by emphasising more of the unique experiences that Australia has to offer and advertising the beautiful sites there are to see in this wonderful and remote location. By doing so you make the ad more relatable to its audience as you promote the exact reason a tourist would come here to visit. I would also add a small caption at the bottom of each frame labelling the location presented, providing visitors with some quick information which might directly influence their choice to visit these particular locations (because they actually know where they are).

Additionally as Australia is extremely versatile and multicultural, I would incorporate such a theme that depicts just this, so as to create a sense of welcome and belonging whatever culture you may be.



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