The first ad I will be reviewing was released by a Brazilian based modelling agency Star Models, and was part of their anti anorexia camping ‘You Are Not A Sketch’.  These ads were designed to send across a powerful message to females in regards to body image and run with the tagline ‘Say no to anorexia’.  Star Modelling Agency  used these graphic images of anorexic women standing side by side with their design sketches, to send a powerful message to give n example of what it would really look like to appear like the women in the sketches.

These confronting images were directed at all females, however I believe the main intended target audiences was teenagers and young adults.

“While obviously adult women have the sense to differentiate between an artistic sketch and an actual human form, we can say from personal experience that there’s a level of subconscious conditioning that affects girls and women when they see this type of imagery.” (Nisita, 2016). 

In today’s society there is such stigma  surrounding body shapes and there is so much emphasis on the latest diet fad or ‘How to loose 10k in JUST 4 weeks!’, its everywhere we look; magazines, TV advertisements, online etc. Sometimes the only way to send a message across effectively is to do so bluntly and without any sugar coating.

Over all I believe that this ad/ campaign was effective …well for the majority of women out there at least. However, there is still a small minority of women, suffering from anoreixa or bulemia, who strive for those body images and consider those frail physiques beautiful.

I would possibly improve the advertisement by adding a an image of the same girls, before they were photo shoot ready, in regular clothes with natural or no makeup, so that there was nothing to make them look more appealing (e.g. makeup and fashionable clothing).

The press article discusses the positive effect of these graphic images, in teaching young women to distinguish reality from fiction and to recognise that a Barbie is a doll and does not have proportionate body size. However there are some people out there who believe that these images will promote anorexia or “thinsperation”.